How to keep a chart of your first cycle?

Step 1:
Go to option “Beginners Charting” or “Begin Charting”
Step 2:
Select “Trying to Achieve Pregnancy” or “Postponing Pregnancy” and then finish answering the questions.
Step 3:
If you have any doubts as to what option to select, on the right hand side of each option there is a ? symbol. When you click on top of the ? symbol, it will give you more information on each of the options.
Step 4:
After you have finished answering your options, click “Save”.
Step 5:
Now you are inside of your new chart, you can begin by putting the date of a few days ago, or begin charting with today’s date.
Step 6:
To begin a new day click in “Begin New Day”
Step 7:
Fill in the data as requested and then click “Save”
Step 8:
Now it will show you your chart with the day you have entered.

Congratulations, now you can keep a record of your daily chart.

Remember that according to the options that you selected, it will show you a guide as to what to chart in each situation.

To begin a new day all you have to do is “click” in “Add a New Day”.